Manfred Förtsch - CEO

Manfred Förtsch was born in 1976 in Windhoek, Namibia. He finished his education with high school Windhoek and studied B Comm in Pretoria.
In 1997 he explored the tourism and decided in 1998 to work as a freelance tour guide – thus he could show his home country to the visitors. This he did so successfully that he after 3 years decided to start a company where he offered his tour guiding services. The business grew over the years and thus he founded African Bush Bird Tours. Currently Manfred focuses on the quality control of the company-owned vehicles and planning customized tours for our guests.
His motto: "We create vacations include the 3 pillars: 1. adventure, 2.  recovery, 3. information transfer."

Tanya Förtsch - Office Manager

Tanya Förtsch was born in 1975 in Namibia. She visited a German school in Swakopmund and then studied Travel and Tourism in Cape Town, South Africa.
She decided to explore the tourism industry in Germany, and spent a total of 8 happy years in Munich. After a travel agent training, Tanya worked for Lufthansa at Munich Airport in the training department. It has, however, drawn her back to their home country.  After a break from tourism to publishing, she has returned to the tourism sector again. She has since planned the travel routes for customers with enthusiasm and tries to fulfill every wish.

Nicole Boye - Tour Consultant

Nicole Boye was born in 1984 in Windhoek, Namibia. She visited a German school in Windhoek and went to Stellenbosch for 2 years to study Health & skin Care Therapy. In 2008 she decided to do something different and explore the tourism industry. She worked for 5 years for Lufthansa at the Munich airport as a Service Professional. She decided to come back home to Namibia in 2013 and has worked in the tourism industry ever since. She plans travel routes for clients and loves working with people of all nationalities.

Desiree Langmaak - Tour Consultant

Although I was born in Windhoek, I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. After school, I started studying to become a primary school teacher, but soon realized that my passion lies with tourism. I changed my course and completed my studies in Tourism at the Damelin College in Cape Town. Since completing my diploma, I have been working for Tour Operators in South Africa, and in Namibia after moving back home in 2011. I am very happy to be part of the team.  Every day is different, you never stop learning new, and exciting things about the very country, you live in!

Tanja Davids - Tour Consultant

Tanja Davids was born in 1966 in Windhoek, Namibia. She first attended a German school in Windhoek and subsequently finished her secondary schooling in Cape Town, South Africa. After school she worked in the South African High Commission in Windhoek as Personal Assistant to the Trade and Industry Representative, and later as Social Secretary for the High Commissioner. In 1995 she moved back to South Africa and after the birth of her daughter here, she decided to pursue a different line in the Southern African Tourism Industry, which she enjoyed tremendously. The majority of the time she worked mainly in Johannesburg as a tour consultant and in 2009 she decided it was time to come back home again. Tanja loves sharing her expertise on various Southern African destinations and enjoys planning great journeys for prospective guests to the region. She enjoys working with people of all walks of life.

Irmela Jordi - Tour Guide

Irmela Jordi was born in 1950 in Namibia (4th generation). After a carefree childhood and school days on her parent’s farm and in Windhoek, she moved to South Africa for further education. Irmela then worked as a lab assistant for 14 years as she then discovered her passion for tour guiding.  She then worked for 18 years as a tour guide in South Africa. Irmela enjoyed living in Pretoria for 32 years – this is also the place that she met her Swiss born husband. In 2000, the couple moved to Namibia and now live and manage the family farm near Windhoek. The life on the farm allows Irmela luckily enough to carry on with her freelance tour guiding.

Didi Rust - Tour Guide

Didi Rust was born in 1977 in Omaruru and grew up on the parental farm in the Erongo Mountains. After his schooling in Swakopmund and Windhoek the big wide world was calling. He lived and worked in South Africa, England and Scotland and travelled as much as he could. In 2006 Didi came back to his home country and became a tour guide. Since then Didi has enjoyed showing guest the unspoilt nature, magnificent landscapes, fauna and flora, ethnic diversity and way of life of his home country. He has a keen interest in all outdoors things and if he is not on tour, he spends his time on his farm in the Erongo Mountains.

Uschi Kirchner - Tour Guide

Uschi Kirchner was born in Germany in April 1951. After her degree in tourism, which she completed in Munich, she mainly did Sport and activity tours with emphasis on Himalaya trekking, expeditions as well as adventure trips worldwide. In 1889 she moved to Botswana and accompanied holidaymakers, photographers and film teams on wilderness and photo safaris to the Okavango Delta, the Chobe National Park and to other destinations in southern Africa. In 2001 she packed her bags and moved to Namibia where she worked out itineraries and accompanied clients on Desert walks, Trekking tours to the Brandberg and also Wilderness tours to remote as well as popular tourist attractions. A few years already, Uschi is an active Pensioner, free- lance tour guide and she takes over certain tasks as a botanical field-assistant.

Paul Preller - Tour Guide

Paul Preller was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, in 1986.  Only two years later, his family moved to Windhoek. Already as a vibrant schoolboy he developed an intensive love to nature. After he finalized his school degree, Paul got the opportunity to work on a lodge. This he did for almost 10 years – on the job he gained a great knowledge about Namibia fauna and flora, and developed good people skills. During his time on the lodge, he studied and wrote exams on Namibian tourism. Paul loves languages and thought himself quite a few, by only listening to guests and having the courage, to talk to them as well. Finally, Paul decided to become a full time tour guide, which was a lifelong dream of his.  

Elias and Linea

Elias was born 1977 in Okahao, in the northern region of Namibia. He went to school in the Ovamboland region of Namibia and moved to Windhoek, to seek for work. Elias is a great help to African Bush Bird Tours doing all kinds of repair work needed, painting, cleaning the cars and looking after the office garden with lots of love and detail. Elias is a very loyal person to us and brightens our day with a hearty smile.

Linea was born in 1988 in a small Oshivambo village called Oshambada. She went to school in Ovamboland, after which she moved to Windhoek. Her two daughters go to school in the city. With her loving and caring personality, she cleans the offices and gives us a helping hand wherever one is needed.

...last but not least

Julian joint our team in 2006 and Enya in 2009. Since then they enlighten our day in the office with funny stories, colourfull pictures and a happy presence. The lively kids help to clean cars and join us on all our educational tours.