Covid Measurements

We as African Bush Bird Tours (hereafter ABBT) are committed to offer a safe travel experience to all our clients. For you to have a peace of mind whilst travelling through Namibia during the COVID (this term is used for COVID19 and any variant thereof) pandemic, we have the following measurements in place.

•    It’s the client’s duty to inform ABBT about any symptoms before and upon arrival, as well as during travel.
•    The guest needs to adhere to the present government regulations at all times.

ABBT Office
•    We follow the COVID workplace protocol as published by the Namibian Tourism Board as well as the current government regulations.
•    All staff that shows any symptoms, will be suspended from work until a professional PCR test has been done. The staff member will isolate for 10 days in case a positive result has been detected.

Guided Tours
•    The tour guide will welcome the guest whilst adhering to the COVID social distancing rule and with a face mask. The guide has to adhere to the social distancing regulations when interacting with the guest at all times.
•    The guide is obliged to inform the guest of the COVID regulations protocol upon arrival.
•    Appropriate information regarding the current COVID regulations, requirements and measurements will be available to read in the vehicle.
•    Each day, your guide will record the body temperature of all guests and note this in a register.
•    All contact surfaces (doors, handles, seatbelts etc) in the vehicle shall be sanitised on a regular basis throughout the day by the tour guide.
•    It is advised that the guests handle their own luggage at all times. If this should not be possible, the guide is responsible for the luggage handling of the guests and oversees that the luggage is being sanitized before it enters the guest room.   
•    The guide as well as all guests must wear their mask whilst travelling in the car.
•    The guide needs to ensure, that all booked establishments, adhere to the COVID regulations as per government gazette. If this is not the case, the guide is obliged to take this up with the establishment’s management and corrections need to be made immediately.  

•    ABBT will provide hand sanitisers, disposable gloves as well as masks at all times.
•    The air condition system will be sanitized before the tour starts.
•    The guest may not rotate seats during the trip, if it should be a non-private travel group.
•    The maximum occupancy of the car will be adhered to as the local government gazette.
•    The guest needs to sanitize their hands before entering the vehicle every time.
•    The bins (with lid) of the car will be emptied at least once a day, at the final destination. More is advised, if possible.
•    The vehicle will be extensively sanitised should a COVID positive person been in the car.  

Suppliers – Accommodation and car rental
•    All properties need to adhere to the current COVID regulations published by the Namibian Government in all work areas, especially those in contact with the clients.
•    All guests need to wear a face mask in public places.
•    Each property takes full responsibly for non-compliance of failure of fulfilling the present governmental COVID measurement.
•    Each supplier will be responsible for the action of any sub hire.

If a guest falls ill or shows symptoms
•    When a passenger during a guided tour displays any symptoms related to COVID, they shall be isolated from the rest of the travel group and respective action will be taken to safeguard the respective person and the other guest.
•    On a self-drive tour, the guest needs to respond instantly, if they show first symptoms. They can also contact ABBT for advice.
•    Most common symptoms: fever, dry cough, fatigue, coughing up mucus, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, muscle and joint pain, body chills.
•    The guest needs to be tested for COVID immediately. Once the guest has been tested positive; the guest needs to go into isolation (according to the current gazette). A medical professional will be contacted for further treatment.
•    All close contact persons to this guest need to go into self-isolation as well.
•    All expenses in connection with falling ill, are on the client’s own account.

•    This is a living document as there are many moving parts at present.
•    All public places and their assisting staff are governed by the government COVID regulations.