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Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge


The lodge is easily accessible via a tar road – only 198km south of Windhoek into the direction of Mariental and is situated in a nature reserve characterized by two deserts: the Kalahari Desert: infinite chains of red sand dunes alternate with green valleys. The lovely view will charm every visitor. It is the home of oryxes, springboks, and kudus. The Great Karoo desert: vast grass steppes, dry river courses with abundant water bank vegetation, small dry lakes, and tree savanna. Giraffes, zebras, gnus, elands, impalas, and nyalas prefer this region. Enjoy the Kalahari Desert from one of twelve individual guest houses. The stilted guest houses are arranged around a Vlei, a natural dry lake. All walking paths from the guest houses to the main building are paved, barrier-free, and well-lit. Exterior walls made from canvas and the traditional African thatched roofs guarantee an excellent indoor climate even with high outside temperatures. All bathrooms are built as solid construction. The living space of each guest house varies from 50 to 60sqm.During the summer season, you can have breakfast on our large terrace. Enjoy the extensive buffet and ask the cook to prepare omelettes according to your wishes. During the Namibian winter, mornings and evenings are too cool to sit outside. Then, the open fireplace will keep the restaurant nice and warm.

Optional activities

  • game drive
  • sundowner drive
  • hiking trails