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We would like to express our great thankfulness towards Schalk, Marì and Phillip, who have given us the permission to use some of their photos for our webpage.

Schalk Lombard and his younger sister, Marì van Bosch, are two freelance photographers with a passion for photographing wildlife scenes. They are living on different sides of the world - one in South Africa and one in Canada. Photos where taken with either a Nikon D5200, D60 or Canon 6D. Some of the photos where cropped and slightly enhanced with Lightroom to give you the best quality photos. As they deeply enjoy and appreciate these magnificent animals and nature, they decided to share these with the world and to sell their pictures online. These two siblings pledge to donate 10% of any profits made from sales of these photos to the WWF. Please have a look, what they have to offer:


Philip North-Coombes creates and leads every Tao Photo Tour. He founded Tao Associates in 2002 to produce professional photo shoots. Philip is a multi-award winning photographer, lauded by the British Journal of Photography. He has produced celebrated and innovative photography for 27 years. Fascinated by the natural world and the lure of extreme and unexplored locations, he thrives on fresh challenges. From the oceans of Hawaii to the barren beauty of Iceland, from the slums of India to the stark grandeur of Mount Everest, the colour and contrast of his work creates a unique portfolio and fuels his ambition to achieve ever better results. You are welcome to purchase some of his great artworks:website:

All photos have Schalks, Marì's and Philips copy right and if requested, you are welcome to contact them directly.