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Okonjima Plains Camp


The Plains Camp design honours the Okonjima cattle-farming history. In the early 1920’s, Okonjima became a cattle farm and was bought by Val (VJ) & Rose Hanssen in 1970. They were well-established Brahman breeders and continued to farm cattle until the need for solutions to increasing livestock losses became pertinent and post-independence interest in Namibia as a tourist destination, escalated. In 1993, the herds of Brahman and Jersey cattle were sold, changing the face of Okonjima as well as that of Carnivore Conservation! The Barn/ Entertainment area – AKA ‘The Lapa’, meaning ‘Gathering Place’, – includes, the dining and lounge area, the pool and the curio-shop; and hosts the 3-tier accommodation facility. Plains Camp is family & wheel-chair friendly! The open, grass-plains were ‘recovered’ by removing and burning invasive Acacia-bush during 2012 and 2013, creating the plains-view, ensuring a great sunset most evenings.

Optional activities

  • game drives in an open vehicle in which we are looking for leopards,    cheetahs and other game
  • walking trails
  • visit to the AfriCat Foundation